Bushman’s Chilli History

What is the recipe for a successful business? Is it that big dream? Is it hard work? Or is it simply passion? I believe it is a combination of all of the above – inspiration meets perspiration meets dedication. It was in March 1999 when I decided to invent the ever so tasty Bushman’s Fire Hot Chilli Sauce. The idea was to create a thin and peppery sauce that would give other similar sauces a run for their money and I’m honoured to say, it did. Today this South African sauce is standing bold and on almost every shelf-except for the first bottle ever made, which is in my office!

It began in my mom’s kitchen. Only the freshest of chillies were put in barrels and matured to perfection. Each sauce was made and bottled purely by hand. Each bottle contained a whole lot of body, a whole lot of flavour and a whole lot of toil from family.

By the end of 2001, I found myself with 4 dedicated and extremely passionate workers, saucing away i n a small factory in Somerset West. The same team (with a few added crew members, who followed me to Montague Gardens) to this day ensures the finest sauces on your shelf. At first we targeted small restaurants and farm stalls, but the word spread (or should I say “taste spread”) and the demand for Bushman’s Chilli Sauces grew day by day. Today Bushman’s is situated in Maitlands, Cape Town, supplying a growing variety of sauces to retailers across South Africa and Europe and we are still making and bottling every sauce by hand!
More and more additions were added. Starting with the firstborn, Bushman’s Fire, we added familiar favorites such as Jalapeno and Garlic Pepper and made sauces infused with foreign flavours such as Prego-Guese Sauce (Portuguese); Hot az Hell (Italian); Peri-Peri (Portuguese) and Habanero (Mexican). My goal was to ensure that nobody’s taste buds were left out.

Every sauce is vinegar-based and not oily, making this a condiment that will surely complement any cuisine. So next time you feel like spicing up your meals, invite the friends, invite the family, hey invite the world, just don’t forget to invite Bushman’s.